Lilly Rivlin
Producer / director / writer
56 minutes, 2000

Israel Film Festival, 2001, nominated for competition
Black Maria Film & Video Festival, Director's Citation Award
Worldfest Houston, 2001, Gold Award

Scenes from the film


Who of us ever really knows our parents, asks the filmmaker at the outset...

She documents her parents at the end of their lives as they lie next to each other in adjoining hospital beds, like two Becket characters, immobilized by sickness.  

Seeking to make sense of their marriage, she explores her father's contradictory personality, his relationship to his family and his love affairs. 

In the end, her father is her mother's chief caretaker, keeping her alive and giving her the attention she always wanted.  

And the filmmaker, the oldest daughter, has a conversation with her father that she would never have had if not for the mediation of the camera.

Gimme A Kiss

New York-based writer, activist, and filmmaker Lilly Rivlin records the final years of her parents' marriage revealing a loving and even flirtatious relationship. While this is an expected ending to a conventional marriage where the father has many mistresses and the mother patiently takes the abuse, Lilly probes further to see how this reality affected her and her sister and brother. The film presents a nuanced portrait of an all-American immigrant family where infidelity is hidden and accepted.


EXCERPT : Interview with Lilly Rivlin about her film Gimme a Kiss
(Part Five: Special Cases / Chapter 20: Family Films)

Personal memoirs are always difficult. After all, if there is honest revelation someone always gets hurt.
         —Lilly Rivlin, commenting on Gimme a Kiss

Writing, Directing, and Producing Documentary Films and Videos by Alan Rosenthal



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